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Do you want to know more about your website visitors but get totally lost in Google Analytics? Do you even have Google Analytics and know that it’s set up correctly?  Do you know how to access the data you need to make business decisions?  Do you have the right tools to help you make the right decisions?  

Google Analytics Audit Snapshot

We're nerds, we love numbers and digging into analytics, but we get it that navigating around Google Analytics can be daunting. However, your business needs it. If you can’t afford the time (or cost) of a monthly analysis, at a minimum we recommend this one-time Google Analytics Audit Snapshot so you can better understand who’s visiting your site today and where they’re finding value.

With the Google Analytics Audit Snapshot, an Engage Digital Strategist will review your existing Google Analytics setup and verify that it is installed correctly and that you are using GA4 (Universal Analytics - old GA/GA3 - will stop collecting data in 2023).  Then, we will provide data on top trafficked pages, page speed performance issues, demographic visitor information, and more. Most importantly, we won’t simply hand you a document for your review. We will go over the report to help you make sense of the meaning of the data and show you where to find it in the GA4 dashboard.

*GA reviews can be included as part of the Brochure Site package as well as Engage Evolution.

  • Confirmation of GA4 Account Setup & Site Installation
  • Year in Review Report
  • Top Trafficked Pages
  • Visitor Demographics
  • Page Speed Performance
  • And More...

Discuss Your Audit

One-time fee: $599

 contact us to chat GA audit

Basic Google Analytics & Tag Manager Configuration

Don’t have Google Analytics? No problem!  We will create the GA4 and GTM accounts and add you as an admin so that you always have ownership and access.  With logins provided for your site or in collaboration with your developers, we will install GTM so that any tracking tags can fire with the most basic tag being the GA4 pageview.

Optionally, we can provide you with a monthly report for $30/month or $300/yr and it includes a one-on-one meeting with an Engage Digital Strategist to review and provide recommendations.

  • Account Creation & Installation
  • Pageview Tag/Trigger Setup
  • Optional: Basic Monthly Report for $30/mo or $300/yr
  • Monthly Report Add-On Incls. Annual Review

Get GA & GTM

One time fee: $150  contact us to learn more

Customized Monthly Reporting & Monitoring

Looking for more data? More actionable insights?
Sign up for a customized monthly report with ongoing (month over month) data for site performance and if applicable, advertising performance. Includes an initial kick off meeting to determine important data.  Can include monthly review meetings.

Stats included are based off of your business's needs, but in general are:

  • Pageviews
  • Demographics
  • Technology Used to View Site
  • Traffic Acquisition
  • Advertising Performance
  • Call Tracking, if applicable
  • Insights, Optimizations, & Recommendations

Discuss Your Needs

$150/hr starting with 2 hours per monthget more info

Call Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where a caller got your number?  With CallRail call tracking, we know.  Each listing of your phone number is switched to a CallRail tracking number so that if someone dials your number after looking at your website, we’ll know.  If someone sees an ad and picks up the phone, we’ll know.  And so on…

Specific phone numbers designated for the different traffic sources.

  • PPC Ads
  • Direct from Your Website
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Google My Business Profiles
  • Other Organic Sources

*A basic monthly report is included or can be a part of the Monthly Reporting Package listed above.

Know Who's Calling

$65/mo + $100 setup fee get call tracking

Install Marketing Tags

With any marketing campaign and social media activity, tracking engagement and conversions is absolutely essential.  With the Marketing tags add-on, just send us your tracking codes (where applicable) or send us the events you want to track and we will do the set up within GTM to ensure they are firing and carrying that data in to your GA4 account.

Tags can include, but are not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Google Ads
  • Platform/CRM specific tracking tags

Track Your Campaigns

$150/hr starting with 2 hours discuss your vision

SEMrush Keywords & Competitive Research

Are you struggling to optimize your site and your campaigns with the right keywords?  We’ve got your back with an SEMrush subscription where we can dig into the nitty gritty such as:

  • Keyword Research - paid & organic
  • Research On Your Competition
  • Search Positioning
  • Site Traffic Analytics
  • Backlink Reports
  • Local Directory Management
  • And More...

Do More Research

$40/month + $150/hr for analysis/config get keyword research

Site Visitor Recordings

LuckyOrange is an inexpensive but effective solution for getting a better understanding of how your site’s visitors interact with your website by literally being able to watch the recordings. The platform includes easy-to-implement functionality for analytics as well as visual heat mapping of user interactions.

  • Visitor Recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Onsite Chat Widget
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analytics
  • Visitor Polls

Discuss LuckyOrange

$20-$50/month based on your needs chat about luckyorange

ADA Compliance

Engage can bring your site up-to-par with WCAG 2.1 guidelines. This one-time snapshot audit of your site will deliver feedback on changes and adjustments needed to address problematic code and content. From there, we can provide an estimate for the fixes and work with you to get the content updated.

We also highly recommend a SiteImprove subscription. This tool will automatically scan your website to catch any new errors. It also does so much more!

  • WCAG Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Data Privacy
  • Ad Optimization
  • Website Performance

Get Compliant

$2500 One-Time Audit chat about compliance

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