Holy Jumpin! New systems all around!

From one-page on NHL.com to a brand new St. Louis Blues Alumni website with bells and whistles, the Alumni Association keeps on skating. The Alumni operations team worked with Engage to up the ante on their digital presence and implemented new workflows to automate registration processes giving them a better way to stay organized and stay in touch with their fans.

Services Featured

  • custom web design
  • development & integrations
  • marketing automation

More Details

Engage took the Blues Alumni through a full, custom design experience giving them a fresh, modern site that has special touches just for them such as graphic banners, hover state color changes, and more. More importantly, Engage connected the site to systems for association management and marketing automation.

To stay in touch with their fans, alumni members, alumni families, sponsors, etc, the Alumni site uses SharpSpring CRM. This tool helps to categorize visitors to the site allowing the Alumni Association to send targeted messages to the correct groups. The forms on the site are also connected to SharpSpring and automatically drops those users into their designated category.

Engage AMS powers the event registration process allowing users to stay on the site for a simple, seamless experience all the way through payment completion. Previously, the operations director had to manually record event registrations, send out invoices, and then record the payments matching them back up to the correct event registration. Now, it’s all connected via Engage AMS and can all be seen via a report.

Increased efficiencies

Registrations and payments are all captured via one system. No more disparate systems cobbled together with spreadsheets to track the data.

Email Marketing

Users are assigned to groups, visually-appealing emails with CTA buttons are sent to those groups, and full reports are available. No more creating email groups within your email browser and typing up text-only messages and having no clue who opened your emails.

One source of truth

With the new site being solely dedicated to the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association, fans, Alumni members, and more know exactly where to go to find information. No more digging up the NHL page or shuffling through social media.


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